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oscar akermo
The Artist
Oscar Akermo's upbringing in Uddevalla, a small Swedish town, was marked by a diverse engagement in artistic pursuits throughout his childhood. From creating music and drawings to sewing his own clothing, Oscar's early years reflected a broad spectrum of artistic exploration.
At the age of 14, he discovered his passion for tattooing and, despite being underage, decided to craft his own tattoo machines, initiating the practice by tattooing friends and classmates at his school.
At 17, Oscar chose to stray from the conventional academic path, opting instead for an apprenticeship under the guidance of tattoo artist Pedro Leon at Tattoo Studio 73. Completing his apprenticeship by the age of 19, Oscar had already gained global recognition as one of the premier tattoo artists.
Around the World
This acclaim spurred him to embark on a journey of exploration, participating in conventions and making guest appearances at tattoo studios worldwide. Eventually, his endeavors led him to accept a position at Bang Bang Tattoos in New York when he was 22.
Today, Oscar Akermo is widely acclaimed for his pioneering work in "micro-realism tattooing." He now manages his own private studio, c23 Studio, where he focuses on both tattooing and mentoring aspiring tattoo artists from around the globe.
Oscar Akermo, photo on work, jpgOscar Akermo on work, photo, jpg