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new york city
new york city
Oscar Akermo, photo in studio
Oscar Akermo grew up in Uddevalla, a small town in Sweden, growing up he practiced art and craft in any way he could, from sewing his own clothing, to making music and drawing. At age 14 Oscar found his passion for tattooing, being underage at the time, he crafted his own tattoo machines and began tattooing friends and classmates at his school. At age 17 he decided to leave the academic path to apprentice for tattoo artist Pedro Leon, Tattoo Studio 73. Upon finishing his apprenticeship, he was 19 years old and already named one of the best tattoo artists in the world, he began to travel, attending conventions and making guest appearances at tattoo studios all over the globe. His travels eventually led to him to accept a position at Bang Bang Tattoos, New York at age 22.
Today Oscar is best known for being one of the pioneers of “micro realism tattooing”, he manages his own private studio - c23 Studio, focusing on tattooing and mentoring aspiring tattoo artists from all over the world.